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Kevin Gleason.

Language Designer. Compiler Engineer. Security Enthusiast.

I'm a Software Engineer specializing in Compiler Front-Ends, IR design, and Static Analysis. I'm currently the StableHLO Tech Lead @ Google, using MLIR to simplify and accelerate AI/ML programs in the open source.

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About Me.


Currently, I’m a ML Compiler Engineer at Google. I lead the StableHLO team, providing an OSS unified opset for AI/ML frameworks and compilers.

In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with security trends, repairing tech, and I am a coach for Northeastern University Women’s Club Soccer - Go Huskies!

Language Skills

  • Compiler Front-Ends
  • Language Design
  • AST Transformations
  • Static Analysis

Tech Stack

  • C / C++ (C++17)
  • MATLAB / Python / JS
  • Go / Java
  • F# / OCaml
798 527



Compiler Front-End, Engineer III

2016 - 2022
  • Language Design
  • AST Transformations
  • Security / IP Protection
  • Management / Leadership
  • Analyzed customer pain points regarding functions in MATLAB and proposed language design direction to enable more users to complete function authoring and higher-order function workflows.
  • On core design teams for MATLAB language features: Function Argument Validation, Hex and Binary Literals, Name=Value Syntax.
  • Designed & led UX tests to craft data-driven designs.
  • Prototyped language proposals using AST Transformations: For-each loops, function decorators, template literals, and more.
  • Created and maintained Static Analysis Toolkit; Used to assess compatibility impact of design choices, and analyze usage patterns to propose enhancements.
  • Lead dev for Function Argument Validation feature; AST transformations to provide interface-boundary dynamic type checking.
  • Part of design team for IP Protected code files to provide means of protecting IP in shared code files; Performed common DLL analysis techniques to qualify design security and implementation.
  • Reverse engineered Secure MATLAB archives using static and dynamic methods, including Ghidra, API Monitor, gdb, and linux kernel traces; Provided write up to demonstrate attack vectors.
  • Supported many cross-functional projects: Modified Condition/Decision Coverage report generation, AST-based MATLAB to C++ Code Generation, WebAssembly Compilation for MATLAB Online.
  • Mentor to several new hires in internal rotational program; Speaker at MathWorks Compiler Training to teach about execution pipeline and introduce the language department.

IoT Engineer

2015 - 2015
  • Created PubNub Android WebRTC SDK.
  • Enhanced SDKs for Android, Polymer, Go, JS WebRTC.
  • Wrote tutorials featured in Adafruit, JavaScript Weekly, Raspihub,, Engadget, Parse, +more.




Android WebRTC Tutorial

A WebRTC library to quickly add video chatting to your apps.

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WebRTC Android PubNub

MATLAB Function Argument Validation

Runtime argument validation at interface boundaries.

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