Work Experience

  • MathWorks (2016)
    Associate Software Engineer
    Working in the Computer Science Development Group. Considering the area of compilers.
  • PubNub (Summer 2015)
    IoT Engineer Intern
    Created a WebRTC library for Android, and enhanced a JS library for features and compatibility.
  • Saggezza Inc. (Summer 2014)
    Data Science Intern
    Worked with Java, Hadoop, and HBase to design pipelines. Created a J2EE Analytics Tracker.
  • BC Computer Science Society (Sep. 2014-Present)
    Vice President
    Plan and promote events to foster a community of CS students.
  • The Boston College Torch (Sep. 2013-Present)
    Web Editor
    Web developer and manager since its launch in September 2013.

Coding Experience

  • Java - Knowledge of data structures and applied uses. Android Developer, RMI, Sockets, J2EE, OpenGL.
  • Python - Skilled with the intricacies of Python. Mainly used for scripting.
  • C - Made a Shell using syscalls. Simple Qt programs. OS design knowledge. Pipes, Semaphores, Signals.
  • HTML, CSS & PHP - Raised on table-less design, capable of front-end and back-end.
  • JavaScript - Created demos with JS technologies. Various blog features. WebRTC, Polymer, PubNub.
  • Go - Created app backends with Go. Used various libraries. LiveBlogr and Publy shortener with PubNub and GAE Datastore.
  • F# & OCaml - Functional programming, including reactive paradigms. Derivative Parser.
  • MySQL - Knowledge of syntax and able to validate input and make queries.


Boston College


B.S. Major in Computer Science and minor in Biology. Vice President of the BC Computer Science Society, Website Editor for The Boston College Torch, CS Tutor, Second Honors.

Cumulative GPA – 3.66

Gilmour Academy High School


Studies focused on math and science. Took as many AP's as allowed. Involved in National Honor Society, Cum Laude, Academic Challenge, Speech and Debate (state contender), Kairos, Soccer (captain), Basketball (captain), Tennis

AP Biology – 5; AP Calculus – 5;
AP Chemistry – 4; AP Literature – 4;
Cumulative GPA – 4.05
ACT – 32